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Violin and Music Sheet

What we Offer

Talent Development

Stage Performance
  • How to move on stage
  • How to use a mic
  • How to talk to an audience
  • How to select songs
  • How to engage your audience
How to brand yourself
  • What clothes to wear
  • Merchandise


Group Karaoke
Singing Lessons
  • All ages and all styles
  • Individual or group classes

  • Professional singers, hobbyists, or non-singers

  • For dancers or actors who want to learn to sing especially for auditions

  • For songwriters who want to sing their own songs


Theory & Application to all Styles of Music

  • The theory behind how the voice works

  • Breathing exercises based on Chi

  • Vocal warmups with a purpose

  • Applying the theory to a song

  • Help to build up a repertoire to perform

Packaging and Promotions

Concert Crowd
In order to be seen & heard
  • Help singers design a music video
  • Help them get original music
  • Provide exposure on social media
  • Concerts both live & online
  • Have them sing in different languages
  • Promote them locally and internationally
Promoting artist Internationally/Midem
Jan has attended the World Music Trade Show (Midem) in Cannes France for the last 29 years
& has signed artists both to Publishing along with the occasional record contract. He has met with the heads of the 3 major labels Warner, Universal & Sony
Making Music


Violin and Music Sheet

A Sample of a classes at an Indigenous School

A Sample of a classes at an Indigenous School. For the last 15 years, Jack & Jan have provided .
Pop Vocal Workshops to Indigenous communities in Alberta,BC,Saskatchewan and the NWT.
Violin and Music Sheet

The Importance of Music in Schools

Three Opinions offered by Educators in three different Communities

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