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शामिल होने की तारीख: 21 फ़र॰ 2020

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Jan has been a vocal coach for the last 40 years. He first started off as a vocal coach in the area of singing, but then recognized similar problems in speech. He finally recognized ( Like in the song We Don't Talk Anymore ) we text or email all day. He then took his singing background and developed a technique called Karaoke Speech. This technique applies the same elements used in singing. One of them is he noticed when people sang in English but it wasn't their primary language he noticed no accent. Suddenly he applied this and had students transfer the speaking method into reducing their accents. It works.He also discovered in order to be a good presenter, one must be an entertainer and use their whole body to interpret what their trying to get across. Similar to blocking that is used in theatre. He also discovered that people speak too fast and run one sentence into another. He discovered many speakers did not get their ideas across to their audience because of speaking in a monotone voice. The technique is totally based on the breathing of a baby and the use of the jaw to change pitch. Finally, it helps people who speak all day not to lose their voices or damage them. In some cases Jan has proven by using this technique one can get rid of nodules.

Jan Cooper

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